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The Philippine Technological Council-Middle east and North Africa (PTC-MENA) will be celebrating World Engineering Day (WED) by hosting a 2-day event in Doha State of Qatar from March 8-9, 2024.
The WED for Sustainable Development was proclaimed by UNESCO during its 40th General Conference in 2019 where it also designated March 4 of every year as UNESCO International Day of Celebration of Engineers and Engineering.
This year’s WED in Doha, Qatar includes Technical Conferences in Sustainable Engineering Projects, ASEAN/APEC Engineer’s Writeshop, conferments of ASEAN and AEC Engineer’s title to successful applicants, Fellowship Night and Tour of Qatar.
The WED offers an opportunity to highlight engineers and engineering achievements in our modern world while providing avenue for public understanding of how engineering and technology becomes center of modern life and the main driving force behind sustainable development.

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Engineering service program’s primary goal is to encourage adoption of best practices for standards and qualifications decided by the governments of ASEAN member nations while facilitating the mobility of engineering services professionals and information sharing.


Engineer mobility throughout ASEAN is being prepared by the ASEAN Secretariat Program for the liberalization of professional services within ASEAN as part of the World Trade Organization (WTO) agenda.


The purpose of the APEC Engineer Register is to facilitate trade in engineering services between those participating nations and to recognize equivalencies in the credentials and experience of practicing professional engineers in those economies.


Engr.-Roy Presidential Deputy Adviser - MENA and Coordinator for Qatar Affairs

Engr. Roy Lumantas Baquiran

Presidential Deputy Adviser - MENA and Coordinator for Qatar Affairs

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We celebrate this year World Engineering Day of 2024, initiated by the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) every 4th day of March on its founding day since 2020 as a UNESCO International Day of Celebration of Engineers and Engineering. The day wherein engineers and engineering accomplishments in today’s swift technology revolution of our time and improve public understanding of how engineering and its technology are the core of life’s sustainable development. (Ref. WFEO website)

WED 2024 theme, “Engineering Solutions for a Sustainable World” here in the State of Qatar an occasion for Filipino Engineering Professionals to promote their respective engineering careers by showcasing sustainable projects involvement here in this part of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

PTC MENA – Qatar in partnership with the eight engineering professional organizations: PICE, PSME, IIEE, IECEP, GEP, PSSE, PIChE, and SAEP welcomes you to the State of Qatar, the safest country in the world by the Numbeo Crime Index for the past five years, securing the top spot once again in 2023. All travelers, whether solo, in families, or in groups, should have peace of mind about their security. So come and join us on March 7, 8, and 9, 2024, for three days of camaraderie and learning from our experts’ speakers from MENA and the Philippines, and other surprise international guests.

Maligayang Pagdating dito sa Doha!



As the Presidential Adviser of PTC MENA, it is my absolute pleasure to welcome you all to the World Engineering Day 2024. This event is more than just a celebration; it is a testament to the outstanding achievements and innovative strides of engineering professionals worldwide, particularly those from the Philippines.

Our theme for WED 2024, “Engineering Solutions for a Sustainable World”, resonates with our collective responsibility as engineers to contribute to a sustainable future. In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), we are proud to highlight the contributions of Filipino Engineering Professionals and their involvement in sustainable projects.

As we gather to celebrate this significant day, let us remember that our work as engineers is not just about constructing structures or creating new technologies. It’s about building a better, more sustainable world for future generations.

I look forward to the exchange of ideas and the shared camaraderie during this event. Let us use this platform to inspire and be inspired, to learn, and to carve out pathways towards a sustainable world.

Mabuhay ang mga Inhinyerong Pilipino!

Trese T.-Bustamante

Engr. Trese T. Bustamante

PTC-MENA Presidential Adviser

Engr. Romulo R. Agatep

PECE Chair, PTC IRC and Country Engineering Registrar, Philippine Technological Council (PTC)

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Engineering a Regenerative Future: World Engineering Day 2024

 As we celebrate this year World Engineering Day, under the theme: “Engineering Solutions for a Sustainable World”, is a resounding challenge to how our profession shows our language of invention, design, and progress. As we continue to look towards a fast-transforming world, we continue to grapple with the consequences of relentless progress at the expense of our ecosystems. But it is hope, ingenuity, and the unwavering spirit of innovation what define us Engineers.

Sustainable development remains to be a key paradigm that weaves through every discipline, including ours. But as we continue to live in a world that needs repurposing and renewal of resources, sustainability begs to be a paradigm that also needs to evolve. As engineers, we can see this in more balanced and deliberate ways in managing resources. We must see a strategy that doesn’t just extract and exploit, but gives back, heals, and leaves a world better than we found it.

Engineers join us to celebrate World Engineering Day as we explore together new means that will bridge engineering to focus on being more sustainable, restorative, and ultimately regenerative.

This is how we engineer a sustainable world. Let us be the generation of engineers who not only build, but heal, who not only consume, but regenerate, who not only survive, but thrive, hand-in-hand with our planet.

Re-engineering solutions that are more regenerative will demand imagination, perseverance, and a willingness to step outside our comfort zones. But let us remember when humanity faced seemingly insurmountable challenges before, it was the courage of engineers, the power of their solutions, that illuminated the path forward.

Let us see regenerative development as a new paradigm, and together, engineer solutions for future generations and let the future we built be one we are proud to inherit.

Mabuhay and Inhinyerong Filipino !!!


Dear Engineering Colleagues:

Greetings from your Philippine Technological Council and a Happy World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development!

It is again that time of the year when we gather together, fellowship with each other and celebrate what engineering has done for us, for our families, for our country, and, for the communities where we have chosen to serve and practice our engineering professions.

For this year, PTC has lined up a series of activities not only for a day but for the whole month of March to celebrate this very momentous annual event – the World Engineering Day. In solidarity with the World Federation of Engineering Organizations and the rest of the global engineering community, PTC being the National Member of the WFEO, would like to showcase the Filipino engineering professionals’ engineering achievements especially as these relate to this year’s theme: “Engineering Solutions for a Sustainable World”. Moreover, we aim to continually raise awareness of engineering’s positive contributions to our quality of life and promote engineering as a valuable and promising career for our Filipino youth.

As we embark on this trend-setting celebration, we encourage you, individually and collectively, to come forward and actively play your roles well. For those who may not be able to be physically present in the venues of the various activities, we invite you to plan and undertake similar activities in your areas and register it with PTC for consolidation into one national celebration. We also wish to encourage those tech savvy among us to initiate and/or participate in discussions on the above theme and the role of engineers in society.

Looking forward to your usual active support and participation in this year’s World Engineering Day celebrations in the country as well as during the Technical Conference being organized in Qatar by our PTC-MENA colleagues.



Founding President of PTC and  Adviser



Our warmest greetings to all the officers and members of the Philippine Technological Council-Middle East and North Africa (PTC-MENA) Chapter  celebrating the “World Engineering Day 2024” with the theme “Engineering Solutions for a Sustainable World” in line with  UNESCO’s concern.

This is a very fitting theme that will highlight the admirable status of  Filipino engineers in the Middle East and  North Africa. You not only work and are recognized as consultants and experts in their respective engineering disciplines, but also contribute to the sustainable development of the said areas.  With this international conference, hopefully the Government will recognize you and be proud of you. Philippines Technological Council

I also wish to commend all the personages who have prepared the sports events that the engineers can join, thus showing their concern for their physical  wellbeing and not just concentrating on their respective  engineering  career/disciplines.  

 Congratulations and Mabuhay!



As we come together to celebrate the World Engineering Day of 2024, an annual event globally recognized as a UNESCO International Day of Celebration of Engineers and Engineering, it serves as a profound platform to spotlight the indispensable role of engineers and their accomplishments in the ongoing technological revolution. This deepens our understanding of how engineering and its technologies are foundational to sustainable development.

Under the theme “Engineering Solutions for a Sustainable World,” we inaugurate the grand opening ceremony at PTC MENA – Qatar. This not only provides a notable opportunity for Filipino Engineering Professionals to showcase their contributions to sustainable projects in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region but also signifies a collective step towards a future built on sustainable practices.

In acknowledgment of hosting the 2024 World Engineering Day, the Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines Inc. stands honored among distinguished Engineering Professional Organizations. Heartfelt appreciation goes to PTC MENA-Qatar for generously providing the opening ceremony venue, and gratitude is extended for the unwavering support and cooperation of esteemed Engineering Professional Organizations: PICE, PSME, IECEP, GEP, PSSE, PIChE, and SAEP.

As we embark on this celebration, please note that the opening ceremony at PTC MENA – Qatar is just the beginning. More events and activities are lined up throughout March, in celebration of the World Engineering Day.

The event promises enriching insights from expert speakers representing MENA and the Philippines. Together, let us not only acknowledge the achievements of engineers but also collaboratively strive towards a future that is sustainable and interconnected. Thank you for joining us in this celebration.

Best regards,



National President Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers (IIEE)


FTSE FREng Hon. FIEAust CPEng Int PE APEC Engineer




Greetings to the Philippine Technological Council-Middle East and North Africa (PTC–MENA) chapter on World Engineering Day 2024!

The celebration of World Engineering Day being held in Doha Qatar in 2024 is an opportunity to recognise the contributions of engineers from the Philippines in the Middle East and North Africa.

The Philippine Technological Council (PTC) provides essential support to ensure the professional competency and leadership of registered engineers through its leading role in the APEC and ASEAN engineering registers. The conference and celebrations in Doha are an opportunity to inform Filipino practicing engineers of the importance of recognition on these engineering registers and the enhanced visibility and recognition that it provides for career progression. Recognition on the register provides opportunities for mobility within the region because of the framework of mutual recognition of qualifications that underpins them. I hope that all Filipino engineers in the MENA region recognise the importance of the opportunity provided by PTC and take advantage of it to further their careers. 

PTC has had a leading role in engineering in the Philippines for nearly 50 years, driving nation-building through the support for engineering qualifications that are world-class and support the development of infrastructure works, including roads, bridges, water supply and sewage systems, electricity networks and communication systems. The professional registration provided by PTC ensures the standards of qualifications and competency of engineers from the Philippines. T

he Philippines is a modern and thriving economy because of the hard work of the country’s engineers, who have developed practical solutions using scientific principles to transform the economy and society. In the 21st century, engineers are needed more than ever before, to address pressing problems to address climate change and to ensure sustainable development. As a nation of many islands, the Philippines is exposed to many challenges, including rising sea levels, warming ocean temperatures and increasing frequency and severity of natural disasters, that require engineering solutions for the resilience that is needed. 

There is also increasing demand to develop renewable sources of energy and to reduce the country’s carbon footprint, reduce waste and reuse more resources. It is Filipino engineers that will develop the innovative, creative and sustainable solutions that are required and that will sustain the peaceful, inclusive way of life in the Philippines.

There is much to celebrate today. Congratulations to those who will be recognised today as an APEC engineering or an ASEAN engineer. Happy World Engineering Day!!

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